Infrastructure & Facilities


ITM has 21 classrooms fully air conditioned and are well equipped cushion desk for comfortable seating arrangement for students. It has 5 tutorial classrooms fully air conditioned and well equipped cushion desk for comfortable seating arrangement for students.

For the comfort of the students, classrooms are having both theatre style seating arrangement and flat type seating arrangements.

All activities of classrooms are monitored with pre-fitted CCTV

All the classrooms have Overhead LCD Projectors pre-fitted

Faculties are provided with laptop along with cordless mike facilities for effective presentation and conduction of the session.

ITM has 02 fully air-conditioned auditoriums with an occupancy capacity of 325+ & 140+ students at a time. Auditoriums are well equipped with all latest audio/video facilities with podium mic, cordless mics/stand mics and collar mics, multiple projectors, LED light, Wifi facilities and is also monitored with CCTV.

Both the auditoriums are specifically meant for conducting movies & cultural events, seminars, guest lectures, workshops and corporate interactions etc.

ITM has 3 fully air-conditioned conference and discussion halls, which serve as an excellent setting for student meetings, faculty meetings and short conferences. These rooms are utilised for faculty /students activities like group discussion, placement process and admission process.

ITM also has an open Amphitheatre where exhibitions, competitions and cultural evenings take place.

ITM has uninterrupted power supply through Kirloskar DG set of 200KVA.


ITM Kharghar campus at Navi Mumbai has its owned hostel facility. ITM has a dedicated hostel 1km meters away from the campus. The ITM Hostel has a total capacity for accommodating 324 students. The Boys Hostel (A-Wing)-192 and in the Girls Hostel (B-Wing)-132 respectively.

Each room is well facilitated with individual LAN connection and study table with chairs, wardrobe, Bed and extra storage facility. Toilet / Bathroom is attached in each flat with hot water facility.

Mess: Dinning area where 300 students can dine at a time. Mess facility for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner available in hostel.

Lift: 2 lifts in each wing are working 24 x 7, Lift is with generator backup.

Gym: Well- equipped Gymnasium with 2 treadmills, Exercise cycle, all in one workstation and dumbbells.

Sports: Indoor & Outdoor game facility is provided.
Indoor Games- Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Billiards
Outdoor Games- Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Badminton.

Bus Service: 24 hours bus service provided to for students from Hostel to Campus and back as per time schedule and at all time in case of emergency.

ITM has two vehicles available 24hours dedicatedly for medical exigencies for the institution and hostel students

Medical Facility: Free O.P.D. facility is available for all student and staff of the institute. A Doctor is available for 02 hours in weekdays. We have also a tie-up with Multi-specialty Hospital i.e. MITR & Niramaya, Kharghar for students.

All precaution has been taken to prevent any unforseen situation of fire. Fire Extinguisher are placed on each floor and common area. Water hydrant & sprinkler facility is available on each floor and inspection is carried out at regular interval.

Surveillance: All corridors, common area, gates and passages of campus / hostel premises are under surveillance of CCTV cameras and are Administration / security staff.

Security: Security personnel secure building round the clock.

Purified water by R.O. system implemented in all coolers and mess.

TV room: Separate TV room with 24 x 7 In-cable net service.

Reading Area: Separate common area is provided for student for group discussion and project work.

Stationery / Laundry shop facilities available during evening time.

24 x 7 Electrician and plumber are available.

Internet Facility 24 x 7.

Yoga room

Visiting room for the guest

Housekeeping services are deployed in the Hostel.


A library is an organized collection of sources of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material, and may be a physical building or room, or a virtual space, or both. A library's collection can include books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, CDs, DVDs, audio books, databases, and other formats.

The Library and Information Centre of ITM is fully involved to fulfill the required information to research scholars within the institute. At present the library and information center has collection of 37,577 Books, Subscribed to 83 Journals, 291 Educational A/V materials and Journals back issues, and other reference sources like Survey reports, Ph.D Thesis etc. It has online databases like Proquest, ET Intelligence, Prowessiq, Economic Outlook, Industry Outlook, and online journals available to our faculty and students.

The Library and Information center is using Library Management Software which takes care of all library operation modules like, Circulation, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Serial Control etc. Library takes challenges to renovate and care preservation and dissemination of digital material, created output in institution operations read more...

IT Infrastructure:

The IT staff on the campus are qualified and trained personnel. Most of the staff are certified system administrators while others have gained valuable experience over the years. Senior team members regularly hold training sessions for the juniors while they themselves also contribute to hands on sessions for students. The supporting staff is formally introduced to the students on the first day of the inaugural session to all the students, this helps the student & staff to have a easy access to each other and they can directly get in touch with them read more...

Computer Lab:

Navi Mumbai ITM campus also has large computer labs, used for conducting IT courses, workshops, assessment tests and to provide access to ITM’s course repositories, case archives and other intranet-bound content from the ITM network.

Medical and Wellness Facilities:

ITM takes health, safety and wellness of its students very seriously and works with the student body and the local community to improve the lives and lifestyles of all stakeholders. Our campuses have dedicated primary care hospital tie-ups for students, complete with qualified doctors, nurses and emergency medical equipment.

Recreation and Sports:

Navi Mumbai campus facilities include theatre spaces, where movies and cultural events are performed; spaces for guest lectures, workshops, exhibitions, competitions and cultural evenings take place. Organized sports routinely take place on campus, with in-house and inter-collegiate competitions dotting the academic calendar.